Mentorship with Rachel

—Photography and Visual ARts
—Portfolio Reviews
—Writing and Editing for Publishing Work
—Yoto Studio offers resources for mobility, meditation and workshops

Learn the principles and practices when creating a body of work.
Develop skills in seeing/observing, articulating the structural dynamics.

Learning the generative approach to working sets a long-term trajectory for working that has established greater sustainable outcomes than problem/fixing approaches. Oppositional thinking (problematizing) is easily recognisable by feeling of stuck or limitation. Observation and structural work leads to generative outcomes. Mentorship uses discussion and practical exercises unique to the individual. This approach to realizing goals, by working through desired outcomes rely less on conditions, enabling the individual to create.

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Letters from former mentorships

I will always remember Rachel’s willingness to help me in my time of need.  It takes a very special person to lead in this important work. I admire her energy and organizational abilities. Please accept my sincerest thanks.
-Emily M. of Muskoka, Canada

Mentorship with Rachel Wolfe changed my life.  I started going to her when I was in graduate school for fine art in Los Angeles.  I was struggling with my studies and art practice, and my whole mind, body, and spirit seemed to be in a rut.  I had recently gained a lot of weight during undergrad, and was nor feeling great about myself, which showed in my work.

Rachel introduced me to a new way of thinking, to live my whole life like art.  She taught me yoga, which I still practice religiously to this day.  Rachel came to my apartment and examined the contents of my pantry and refrigerator, advising me on what will facilitate reaching my health goals.  She took me shopping and taught me the benefits of unprocessed foods, and then instructed me on how to cook and prepare nutritious, healthy meals, while taking into consideration things like my taste profile.Meditation and mindfulness were keys to unlocking my creative potential, and Rachel made me videos to guide me.  We discussed art at great lengths, in particular photography.  Most of all, her empathetic approach of creating all things with love, but with a critical eye, led me to success.

And the success was astounding.  Through the merging of a healthy mind, body, and spirit, my artwork blossomed into greatness.  I graduated from art school and received the top award from the faculty.  In the year following school, my weight dropped from 275 pounds to 235.Most important of all, Rachel Wolfe helped me find and love myself. 

Through my continued yoga, meditation, healthy eating, and living life like art, I find happiness and inspiration in all I do.-Bryan B. of Texas, USA

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